Jessica Hunt

Jessica Hunt

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"Warm, conversational, youthful and friendly"

I have a New Zealand accent, but it isn't very strong as I have a Canadian parent and I had voice training when I was younger. A lot of people can not pick my accent, so I often get referred to having a universal accent. However I do know how to make the accents more obvious if needed for a script.


- Bachelor Performing Arts (musical threatre) at NASDA
- Voice Academy Workshop with Toby Ricketts
- 80 week Meisner course
- Meisner Masterclass with Mike Saccente
- British RP accent training with Sarah Valentine
- Standard American accent training with Chris Stewart


- Animated webseries called 'Rainbocorns' as the characters Dazzle the Unicorn and Gigi the Kittycorn
- Online explainer videos
- Radio ads


Singing - Classically trained, musical theatre, contempory