Jasper Leever

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"A warm and rich voice perfect for all your needs!"

I'm a professional (Dutch) opera singer and voice actor based in Germany. Working with my voice is my daily life and interpreting a customer's needs is the most important aspect of delivering the best product I can give.

You want a Voiceover that will immerse the customer into your product and bind them to you. Your professional product will be enriched by my professional touch. I will make sure you will get the commitment and soul that your project deserves.


I had an extensive course on Voice Acting in The Netherlands, and since then I've done a diverse amount of voice over work.


I've worked with companies from The Netherlands, for instance Q-Advise, Centric Begraven, Customs support (Port of Rotterdam) and many more.
I also do regular inspirational videos for Lion of Judah.


As an Opera singer, I can of course create professional recordings which are in that singing field.