James Stubbs

James Stubbs

Membro dal 1 decade
"Friendly clear warm trustworthy knowledgable guy next door"

Friendly clear warm & trustworthy.

Confidant knowledgeable guy next door.

Sincere intelligent articulate.


Attended National Broadcast School in Sacramento in 1989 with internships at KWOD 106 and KSFM 102

Began producing and voicing spots in 1991 for the Mirage Nightclub where I was the principle DJ in the KWOD 106 Studio. It was natural to move into more VO work from there.

Was producer and MC for Harrison Price & Gotham Chorus, Ash, & many Sacramento & Bay area bands and raves in the early and Mid 90's. Broadcast mix shows on KWOD 106.

Mid-late 90's voiced radio spots and live presentations for fitness equipment manufacturer Health Rider i 6ncluding appearing on a live "Morning Zoo" show in Portland Oregon featuring the Health Rider.

Produced & recording radio spots, instructional videos/ power point, live presentations, and MOH/IVR for Great Basin Mortgage, Prime Mortgage, Mortgage Alternatives, Mairc Mortgage, Equity Capital Group, United First Financial, & more. Late 90's though 2008.

Continued voicing radio & TV spots, MC & DJ nightclubs, weddings, corporate parties, etc. into 2008 when I decided to take on more regular V.O. work.


James' great voice was perfect for our documentary film. He needed only minimal direction, and followed it like a pro.
Koji Hayasaki

I have known and worked with James for more than 20 years. He has an innate, unique ability to pick sound apart and mold it into something incredible. His gifted ear and voice has enhanced many of my projects throughout the years. You can simply tell him what you're after, and he delivers.
Greg Andersen
Andersen Media
Solar Shock Pictures

James' smooth, clear, professional voice has enhanced more than a dozen of my advertising projects over the past year. A real pro.
James Luster


Complete radio spot production:
Script writing services, Voice, License Free Music
:30 $300
:60 $400