James Brewster

James Brewster

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"Broadcasting and voice over experience for over 40 years."

I started in radio when I was a teenager. After a couple of years of work in commercial radio I worked for American Forces Radio and Television for 4 years and then returned to commercial radio. Later I produced videos for business doing a lot of voice over work myself. I continue the voice over work today.


WCRV in Washington, New Jersey was my first job. Later it was whwh in Princeton, New Jersey. Then the Army's Defense Information School in Indianapolis, Indiana.


WCRV, Washington, New Jersey
whwh Princeton, NJ
WTOA, Trenton, NJ
American Forces Radio
USAF Training Film Production Center, Denver, Colorado
KBTR, Denver, CO
WPST, Trenton, NJ
WFEC, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Brewster Video Productions, Signal Hill, California
KCBQ, San Diego, CA


Voice over work for Mazda Motors, Toyota Motors, Isuzu Motors, Ralph's Grocery Company, ND, United Telephone Company, Coolmist, Maruka Akiyama, Xerox, and scores of other companies. Also reporting on CBS, ABC, NBC, AP and The Mutual Radio Network.