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"41 year old male with a deep calming and trustworthy voice"

I'm a 41 year old with a deep manly voice with 10+ years experience as a counsellor and group facilitator/educator. I've often been told by my clients that I have a very warm, trustworthy, calming and empathetic voice. My job relies on my voice being trusted (i'm a counsellor), so I have a bit of an edge over your average voice over actor.

In summary, I offer my clients offers a sense of trust, calm, empathy and caring. This is because I use my voice daily as a medium to help bring caring and assistance to many different audiences. I also facilitate groups, so I have tons of experience using my voice for guiding and educating people.

And finally, I'm multi-lingual in English, Arabic and Hebrew.


10+ years experience as a counsellor and group facilitator.


10+ years experience as a counsellor and group facilitator.


I speak multiple languages, and have lived in the Middle East for over 16 years. 3 years in Cyprus, 13 years in Israel, as well as having visited many other Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Egypt, and Azerbaijan.

Growing up in the Middle East gives me a unique perspective and insight into the various cultural norms and habits of the inhabitants. I am therefore well suited for any narration work that relates to those areas of the world.

My travels have also included European countries, such as Russia, Finland, Holland, England, as well as far southern continents such as Australia.

I've also lived for over 22 years in Canada and 4 years in the USA (Hawaii). So, in addition to my Eastern knowledge, I have exposure to the West and to the cultural expectations and work practices.

I live and work near Vancouver, British Columbia, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.