Jaden Braniff

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"I'm several characters and singers trapped in a single being."

Above all else I am a performer. I am an actor, singer, and writer. I have recorded professionally with several bands. I have owned my own recording studio, and have been on both stage and small screen productions as an actor and director. Additionally, I have recorded promotional spots for online radio sites as well as a collection of commercial projects. I have written and published two fictional novels and written script for stage and independent film productions.


My training has been through years of study under other artists, directors, and general addiction to the entire genre of voice work. I have honed my acting and voice skills through courses, live performance, and recording sessions. There may not be a formal piece of paper on my wall, but I have been fine tuning my vocal product for thirty-five years.


Aside from the recorded productions with past musical groups, the music industry is a fickle mistress, I have worked as an actor on several independent film and television productions. My voice work has been used for many promotional projects globally as an independent contractor.


My vocal range varies depending on the style that I am asked to perform. Being a writer, I have also lent my services to dialogue editing to help fine tune the end product when requested. I edit all of my product to the client specifications.