George Exley

George Exley

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"Energetic and Adaptable with a Broad Range of Styles"

If you're looking for anything from a dark and sinister cultist, an energetic announcer, a snarky goblin, a hardened soldier, a demon from another realm or anything in between, this man has got you covered!. With an impressive and ever expanding array of voices and styles at his disposal George has chosen to primarily apply himself to performing characters in Video Games and Animations, a field that provides a perfect vent for his natural extravagance and seemingly boundless energy. Continually expanding his range and experience, he has received consistent praise for his professionalism, reliability and sheer enthusiasm that he uses to bring roles to life.

So if you need to inject a little fire into your project, this is the man you need to do it!



George has worked as a freelance voice actor since 2014. He specializes primarily in video game voiceovers, where the majority of his work can be heard. He has also provided character voiceovers for various motion comics and original animations, as well as for a variety of story narrations and trailers.


A prominent and upcoming voice in the world of videogames and animation, his voice can be heard in a wide variety of titles in many wildly different roles. He has worked alongside a number of game developers such as New World Interactive, Bitmap Bureau, Massive Monster, Con Artist Games, Jamit Games and has been involved in many projects related to the Warhammer universe due to his keen ear for the style (and seeming love of all things Ork!).


Versatile and adaptable, George is a breeze to direct and works in depth with clients to develop strong character styles and accents.

He can also undertake a range of post production recording enhancement tasks, script writing and grammar corrections and improvements, as well as apply unique voice altering effects to fit your project.