Genaro Vasquez

Genaro Vasquez

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"Experience at the service of your product in Spanish & English"

A Spanish and English accented voice over to the service of your product, understanding the needs of the client, the markets and the budgets.
In complicity with customers and producers, we'll work together to achieve that the objectives of the product are met as designed.
Flexibility and understanding with producers to follow and comply with their proposals.


I began to study acting in Mexico in 1983 on a private school and University.
Began the voice dubbing recording in 1985 where a learned the art of dubbing.
Since 1989 began my career as Voice Over talent for TV & Radio commercials and Radio personality.
In Toronto Canada, worked as radio personality in Spanish for over 8 years.
In 1980 studied Radio & TV technician.


Started on ADR (dubbing) in 1985. I have been active since then, lending my voice to an infinity of TV and film characters, working for Disney, FOX, Discovery, Toei Animation, MGM, Cartoon Network, TNT and many more.
At the same time, I began my activity as a Voice Over talent, lending my voice to different brands in Mexico, working as radio personality too and later I began to work as Voice Over internationally.
I am currently the voice of different products, and as mentioned above, continue to be active in voice dubbing recording in presence in the city of Toronto, Canada, (as Canadian) and remotely from my home studio, approved by various studios internationally.


Worked as well as Producer, creating the Radio Image of "Radio America Radio" and "Ondas Hispanas Radio" in Toronto, Canada.
Bilingual Spanish, English, and some French.
Voice characterization for cartoons.
Saavy on ProTools and audio recording.