Ged Maryrose Carren Deguilla

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""The Voice To Tickle Your Ears" A Female Young Adult Voice"

Hi! I’m Carren Deguilla, your Voice Kitty. I naturally have a high pitch voice of a teenager and have the love for cats, thus the name Voice Kitty. My voice is a perfect fit for children, teens and young adults. Although, as I do character voices, I can create different voices for your character as well.

I also have a podcast on Spotify. Follow my podcast 4 Minutes of Fame by Voice Kitty podcast.


Carren Deguilla is trained by no other than the VoiceMaster of the Philippines, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales through the VoiceWorx Program back in 2019 and the Certified Voice Artist Program or CVAP in 2020. Since then, Carren has started equip herself with the right professional equipment and skill to perform voice acting proficiently,


I have don live online recorded Voice Over Hosting for a virtual pet show, explainer videos, and YouTube Ad commercial for retail.


Voice Kitty is a female voice artist in the Philippines that introduces you to cute female voices for animations, voice overs, radio or TV commercials, narration, or anything that needs a young female voice.