Eilidh Beaton

Eilidh Beaton

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"Bright, friendly, clear RP/Scottish with a love 4 storytelling"

Eilidh has a good natural instinct for telling a story - whether it’s for an audiobook or for corporate communications. Her ability to delve deep into characters and her good ear for accents, as well as her strong work ethic and easy going personality means that she gets hired again and again for audiobooks, having recorded more than 50 for a range of publishers. She has a huge range of character voices up her sleeve and can authentically play children to the elderly and can pull off a man in an audiobook with aplomb.


After completing a BA Hons in Drama (including radio drama) at Aberystwyth university, Eilidh did a postgraduate diploma in Acting at East 15 Drama School, graduating in 2001.


I’m really proud of recording audiobooks for such a big range of publishers and really happy that I always get asked back again. I’m also proud to have a working home studio and am able to do basic editing from it as well as recording. I have recorded 14 audiobooks in it now, as well as corporate pieces and, since lockdown, a video game. I’m currently doing a lot of work for American Express.


I have some post production skills