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"My voice tells my story and your story."

For all the things I have accomplished, it required an impeccable work ethic. Hard work is necessary and is inescapable. I seize the opportunity and fulfill it’s completion. I have a diverse background in business related industries. An accountant, theater Actor, and voice acting mixed with radio from long days past.
You’re a creative expert, and I’m an easy-to-direct versatile voice over talent. Your script has been through the client wringer and survived legal. Studio time is booked, agency team and clients are in the post-production suite waiting to hear your idea come to audio life.
I care about you, your work and your clients. Together, we’ll bring out the voice in your head when you came up with the idea in the first place.


My training started with Edge Studio and continues with various coaches like Corey Dission and Bruce Kronenberg.


My commercial demo with gallery can be found at http://www.thevoiceovergrind.com.


If certain task are asked that I can perform on Audacity. That can be done immediately.