David Wallen

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"Captivating Storyteller."
David Wallen

If your brand has a story to tell ...
If you strive to be authentic and build trust ...
If you need to stand out from the crowd.

I’ve spent my entire career telling stories. Beginning with many happy years writing stories on behalf of major advertising brands. And now as the voice behind numerous on air and web campaigns.

Along the way I've learned that great stories are always in the telling. My job is to breathe life into your story and make it memorable. I focus on two skills which help me get there. First is my sound. It's plain spoken. An un-announcer. My voice is highly distinctive and personal. It can effortlessly range from folksy to dramatic or from light-hearted to deadly serious. Second is my writing background. Pro writers always 'hear' what they write. This experience means I bring an insider's perspective to every script which starts with understanding the writer's goals. Ultimately every script needs to evolve from a collection of words on a page - to a memorable story which moves people as they listen.


I have studied and coached extensively, but the foremost part of my training were my year's spent in advertising. The education provided by writing and casting and producing TV and radio commercials is unmatched.

Whenever I receive a script my first question is: What was the writer's intent? What does he/she want to achieve? And most of all how do I make that happen through my delivery?

Here is a partial list of my voice performance studies:

Joyce Castellanos (Promo coaching - ongoing)
Kate Ashby Academy - Improv Studies (ongoing)
David Lyerly (Voice coach 2015)
Marice Tobias (Seminars and solo coaching 2012-13)
David Smukler (Voice training w/Actor's Equity, Linklater Voice Intensive, private coaching 2008, 2013)
Denise Daniels (Voice training 2012)
John Nelles (Dialect voice training 2013)


Established voice performer since 2001 with representation in Toronto (Fountainhead Talent) / Los Angeles (VOX Inc) / Denver (Go Voices). Member of ACTRA Canada.

Since 2006 I have been the voice of Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism's award winning campaign. This campaign spans 17 TV and Cinema commercials and has received over 200 Canadian and International awards, including Canada's Effie Award as most effective advertising campaign in 2012.
Visit the N&L Tourism webpage to view the work: http://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/AboutThisPlace/Videos/E1BB7A8A2F97332B

Notable clients: Kraft, TD Bank, Kitchen Aid, General Mills Shreddies, Petro-Canada, Coors, KFC, Tim Hortons, Sears, Midas, Schneider's Country Naturals Deli, Sawmill Creek Winery.


Additional services:
-copywriting for web or broadcast
-script editing
-casting consultation