David Angelo

David Angelo

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"Calm. Imaginative. Sincere."

“Connecting hearts and minds one page at a time”.

My story telling career began when I was in the second grade.

I remember walking into a small dark room that had a soft padded cushion that I could kneel down on. Then, suddenly, I heard the opening of a secret panel. I could see a small amount of light, but that was all. I remembered from my catechism classes that that was my cue: “Bless me father…” And roughly 35 minutes later I walked out of the darkened room. I recall overhearing a man that was wearing a long black cape (it looked like a cape to me) whispering to one of my teachers: “Now that boy is a storyteller!”


❖ West Valley/Condie College – Business
❖ NYU School of Photography

❖ Sean Pratt Presents – Audiobook Narration Training
❖ Shannon Parks - Vocal performance
❖ Bill DeWees - Voiceover Playbook


❖The Christ of the Redemption by Marilynn Hughes / ACX
❖ Books of Terror by Marilynn Hughes / ACX
❖ The Divine Pymander by Marilynn Hughes / ACX
❖ Mestizos Come Home! by Robert Con Davis-Undiano / ACX
❖ 21 Metaphysical Secrets by Erik Tao / ACX
❖ Conscious Being by TJ Woodward / ACX
❖ A Serial Shaggers Guide to Internet Dating by Clive Worth / ACX
❖ The Passion of Carlos Gardel by Lazaro Droznes / ACX ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
❖ Affiliate Marketing by Darren H. Russell / ACX
❖ Blogging for Profit by Darren H. Russell / ACX
❖ Options Trading by Warren Richmond / ACX
❖ Trading and Investing: 3 Books in 1 by Warren Richmond / ACX
❖ Stock Trading by Warren Richmond / ACX
❖ Options Trading by Warren Richmond / ACX
❖ Options Trading Book 2 by Warren Richmond / ACX
❖ Ethereum: Beginner’s Simplified Guide Book 1 by Gavin S. Finney / ACX
❖ Ethereum: Strategies to Make Money Book 2 by Gavin S. Finney / ACX

❖ Gerd Diet by Daniel Michaels / ACX
❖ How to Play Saxophone by Kevin McCall / ACX
❖ Songs of Life - Poetry by Jessie Lee ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
❖ >Than A Tourist: Milan Italy by Catherine Richards / ACX
❖ >Than A Tourist: Barcelona Spain by Tracy Carmen Watkin / ACX
❖ >Than A Tourist: Sao Paulo Brazil by Leia Guimares Carvalho / ACX
❖ >Than A Tourist: Northern California by Haley Lukas / ACX
❖ >Than A Tourist: Bologna, Emilia - Romana Italy by Emily Matthews / ACX
❖ >Than A Tourist: Copacabana Rio by Anna Carolina Mendonca Mello Bastos / ACX
❖ >Than A Tourist: Koblenz Rhineland Germany by Hiral Doshi / ACX
❖ >Than A Tourist: Seville Andalusia Spain by Robin Custers / ACX ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
❖ The Oak Street Method: Frankie and Mary by Emily Tilton / ACX
❖ The Asquinn Twins by Heather Radford / ACX
❖ Man and Wife: A Sweet Historical Love Story by Carolyn Faulkner / ACX
❖ Coastside Detectives: The Grand View by Matthew O’Malley / ACX
❖ Dare Me (A Candy Hearts Romance) by Debra Druzy / ACX
❖ The Passion of Carlos Gardel by Lazaro Droznes / ACX


I have my own professional home studio where I do my own editing and mastering.