Dalin Costello

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"Warm and confident voice with dynamic range and versatility."

My versatility is my biggest asset. If you need to hear it 8 different ways and then 8 more after that, that's what I can do. I am an extension of the creative process. I take direction extremely well. After years of military service, I have developed a bearing and discipline that has not only given tools to training dedication, but also professionalism and time-management.

Whether you are producing a commercial, a documentary, a product demo, animation, video games, or even your company's automated telephone attendant, I have the versatility and energy to bring your script to life.

I can competently perform a range of pitches, rates, and volumes from a gruff drill sergeant to to energetic infomercial to nervous young boy lost 3 days in the woods trying to find his way back home while getting chased by forest ninjas. Other examples are: Southern, Texas, Transatlantic/Mid-Atlantic, New York, Surfer Dude, Japanese, Filipino, Pirate, Mobster, Urban, Monsters, Animals, Cartoons, and Frat Bro!

Let me be the voice of your story!


I am always on the lookout for where my next lesson comes from. I find that listening is one of the most important things we can do. This is where a consistent voice training lives; I live to strengthen and evolve my voice and it’s vocal health at every opportunity possible, most recently through studying at the Seattle Voice Institute. I have also spent time training with Mickey Caputo, Krystal Wascher, and Gin Hammond.


My most recent clients have been Tracklib, Amazon, and Valant.


I am able to edit and master my own audio before providing it to the client. I am also trained in improv, can sing tenor, and beatbox.