Chris Vaber

Chris Vaber

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"Guy Next Door"

I'm booked mostly as the guy next door, but I've also been the voice of authority (police officer, soldier, etc). I have a believable, natural sound.


I've been fortunate enough to have studied under industry legend Alice Whitfield, and have been a member of her Master Class for years. My education as a voice talent is ongoing; I make a continued effort to hone my skills at every opportunity, and keep up with the latest trends so that I can offer my clients the HIGHEST POSSIBLE VALUE FOR THEIR MONEY.


I've been acting with my voice (and in the more conventional sense) since 2005. I've been the voice of numerous radio and tv ads, and if you're a video game addict like me, you may have heard my voice a few times there as well.


Voice acting is my life; It's my career! When you hire me, you're not getting a part-timer or hobbyist. You're getting a pro, with professional equipment, experience, and a first class customer service ethic. Customer satisfaction (YOUR SATISFACTION) is my #1 priority, I won't rest until you have a voiceover you can tell your grand kids about! When you hire me, you'll find you've gotten much more than you paid for.

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