Carolyn Rubin

Carolyn Rubin

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"♦️Reassuring, Sincere and Smooth Storytelling♦️"

Thank you for stopping by my profile! Do you want to make sure your next voiceover project’s message is heard, understood and most importantly, remembered? Well of course you do! Thank you for reading about how I can ensure that and so much more...

My intuitive nature brings a creative interpretation to my reads that is grounded in empathy. This empathy informs my connection with the listener's viewpoint and leads to a natural, organic unveiling of the message that is relatable, thoughtful and persuasive. For me, bringing a story and script to life should always be about the end result of identifying with the listener, so they trust what is being communicated, whether that is done by informing, persuading, motivating or inspiring someone to a call to action.

As a voiceover artist, whose sound has been described as reassuring, warm, relatable and classy, my wholehearted promise and genuine desire is to apply my talents to be of MAXIMUM service to you and your customers. My client relationships are as precious to me as my family and my four-legged pal, Layla.

Telling your story authentically, credibly and persuasively is my #1 concern. Lifting your words off the paper in the way you imagined is an HONOR and taking your direction is what makes the creative process so interesting and fun!

Your trust is especially important to me. Please let me gain it by partnering on your next VO venture. I would be humbled and grateful.


My initial training was with Such a Voice in Vermont, US. I found that training to provide a broad brush overview of the industry.

I then studied with Larry Hudson from VO Heaven and am currently working with Marc Cashman from Marc Cashman commercials and am moving towards a new commercial demo. I intend to always have a "beginner's mind," continually hungry to learn more about my customer's changing needs and ongoing VO industry expectations.


My achievements in recording Yoga Nidra Meditations for local yoga studios Yoga Tree and Yoga Smith streaming on Namastream; volunteering and recording books for Allied Learning; and an upcoming Historic Romantic Novel for author Sydney Jane Bailey are my most recent projects.

My current strategy for direct marketing involves using my voice acting skills to bring a face to social justice and human rights as well as providing stress relief for the far reaching negative consequences associated with the current Pandemic including social isolation, mental & emotional stress, and the re-framing of viewpoints around safety and wellness.

My wholehearted promise and genuine desire is to utilize my talents to be of maximum service to you and your customers. I remain committed to living this process.


I have a strong sense of writing copy which stems from my marketing background in the Senior Living Industry. I am a teacher of yoga and mindfulness which informs my voice acting on a daily basis.