Camilo Ortega Atehortua

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"Spanish Latin American that sounds Fresh, Young and friendly"

I am a South American/Hispanic seasoned Voice Over with extensive experience making locutions in spanish for different international and national brands such us Youtube, Life Miles, Suzuki, Schick, Cheetos, Alquería and more.​

I have a versatile voice and I like to give more than customers ask for. I manage to offer you different styles:
Enthusiastic, Friendly, Adolescent, Young adult, Believable, Corporate, Announcer, Hispanic, instructional, Compassionate, Authentic, Conversational, upbeat and pleasant, Booming, Charismatic, Over The Top, Approachable, Family man, Natural, Informative, Authoritative, Friendly, Happy, Playful, Plana, Tranquila, Cool, Youthful, Bright, With Energy, That transmit confidence, Sencilla, Amigable, Calm, Confident, Engaging, Warm, Funny, Casual, Young, Relatable, Honest, Tough y Simpática with great intonation.

I would love to collaborate with you on recording my voice to your projects, corporate videos and web, radio and television campaigns. Besides, if you need some scripts to be translated I can make an excellent translation and a very good spanish version.

I am responsible voice actor with my own recording studio, excellent microphones and very short response and delivery times.

Thanks for reading and I hope that we can work together,


Camilo Ortega


I am Audio Engineer and before I started doing voices, I started working for an Advertsing Audio Studio in Bogota, Colombia. There, I had to direct a lot of Voice Overs all days and some of them said to me that I had talent to do that. I started to practice and to realise that I was good and I just had to create a demo and knock doors. That had results because some agencies and studios from Colombia started to call me.

And thats how I learned to do this beautiful job,



Different international and national brands such us Youtube, Life Miles, Suzuki, Schick, Cheetos, Alquería, Chevrolet, Naty Malta and more.​

I am the voice for all youtube premium ads in Colombia. Recently, on 7th May, I recorded more pieces more Youtube.

Naty Malta, belongs to bavaria, the most important beer producer in Colombia. My voices is what represents that product in radio.

And many other pieces for brands of all sizes.


- Indeed, I am music producer, composer and audio engineer. I have one nomination to latin grammy as Audio Engineer.
- I am also a good singer: I consider my best talent
- And I have worked for FOX for many years as audio editor, re recording, mixer, dialog expert and composing music for 2 tv series.