Anne Swist

Anne Swist

Membro dal 1 decade
"A voice that can be professional, warm, conversational or sexy!"

Having lots of experience in many voice genres, I can tailor my voice to meet your requirements. From commercials to computer based tutorials to a simple voice mail message, I can assist in writing and give you a clean excellent quality voice file in wav, MP3 or AIFF.


I've been voicing for several years and have taken many voice training courses from instructors such as Gary Connolly, Debbie Munro, James Alburger and Penny Abshire. I've also bought couses from Julie Williams and have read many books on voicing.


My clients include: (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Sharbytes Studios (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Corus Entertainment Networks (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) (UK) (Wisconsin)
Global Regine (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)