Ward Sexton

Ward Sexton

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"A voice heard around the world"

Ward Sexton's voice is heard around the world. Since 1982, he has voiced well over 20,000 productions, from movie trailers and promos, to industrial videos, documentaries, games, and, well...just about everything. He has voiced 100+ award-winning productions (Cannes, Montrose, ASCRS, ESCRS and more). His voice is characterized as deep, warm resonant, friendly and genuine, as well as cool and edgy (The signature voice opening for Resident Evil/Biohazard and appears in Silent Hill 2, Bloody Roar IV, among others). But warm and friendly too. Versatile.


Been doing this for 30 years. Have top agents in LA (SBV).




I've been the go-to English VO in Japan for so long, there isn't a person in Japan who doesn't know my voice. Still the signature voice of the longest running live broadcast music program (Music Station, TV Asahi). In English, with some accented Japanese thrown in. Original signature voice of the Resident Evil/Biohazard games (Capcom), still on it today. And much, much more.