Tom Vernon

Tom Vernon

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"Tom Vernon - Voice Artist - Producer/Director/Scriptwriter"

I'm a polished voice talent with a warm, deep and serious voice for narrations, a sultry and fun voice for commercials, a smooth and professional approach for corporate presentations or documentaries, oh...and don't forget those "Wacky" character voices...even a woman's voice!

I can sound like an "announcer", or the guy next door.

I can take a bad piece of copy or script, and make it sound great. I might even re-write it for you...

I have a wide and flexible voice range, with perfect inflection, intonation and annunciation. (I can even pronounce the letter "W" correctly.)

From industrial narration and documentary work, to crazy characters - from deep, emotive and sincere, to almost reaching a female pitch, I'm versatile enough to do any read - most times in one take.

Radio & Television commercials, web audio, on-hold messages, voicemail & I.V.R, network promos, news openers, image liners, cartoons..."in-store" production for name it! I've done it all.

From the 4 Seasons Hotel in Miami, to Lexus of Manhattan in New York...from regional McDonald's spots and Armor All Products, to your local pharmacy in middle America, my voice has been heard in 100's of markets in thousands of cities across the country, and even outside the country - (Canada, Bermuda, & the Bahamas).

As a seasoned professional, I can bring a high level of experience to any voiceover work you require with quick turnaround.

If you're looking for someone who's easy to work with, fast and friendly, and NOT a prima-donna, then you've just found him. My rates are also reasonable, flexible, and competitive.

I'm a completely self-taught voice artist, and have spent my entire career in On-Air Broadcast Radio & Television - both as an announcer, and in post production. I have also assisted others with voice over skills to help them get started - free gratis.

As a producer and voice talent, I have extensive experience in production facilities - both in front of the mic, and behind the mixer - producing 1,000's of commercials and audio projects for both in-house and out of house agencies.

I have my own studio, with plenty of equipment and software to get the job

With a complete recording facility, including computers and software designed for studio work, I can do an extensive array of Radio & Television production, including recording and mixing audio for video, internet and industrial projects, and I can also do video editing.

I'm a writer of both audio/video material, and screenplays for motion picture film and television.

Email or give me a call to discuss your next project. Have a great day.



I have absolutely no formal training whatsoever. You can probably say that Tom Vernon Productions began the instant I entered broadcasting, which was way back in 1970. Although I spent many years as an announcer and disc jockey, working on the air primarily in radio, a lot of that time was in production studios doing commercials, promos, and whatever anybody wanted me to do, or didn't want to or couldn't do.

During that period, I learned a lot about voiceover work and audio production in general. I've also had the good fortune and opportunity to have been able to work with some of the best in the business - in my own recording studio, and other facilities. I've been free-lancing for many years now, and basically decided to begin my own business.

Most folks are happy with the quality of work I give them...although of course you can't please everyone. There are a lot of people who think they know what they need, however what they think they need is not necessarily in their best interest. I've learned to work with them anyway though, and give them what they want - good, bad, or indifferent...because in the final analysis, they're the ones paying you.

When I got into this business nearly 40 years ago, I decided then that I would help anyone who truly wanted to aspire to be a broadcaster and/or voice over artist. I did this willingly - on my own time, and absolutely “free gratis”. I don’t believe in “charging” for such advice - and never will. I know how tough it is to break into this business - whether broadcaster, or voice talent.

In addition to the production company, I'm also involved in several other ventures. In the near future, you'll see links for those companies: "First Run Entertainment", and "Really Neat Stuff".

Tom Vernon Productions is primarily involved with the day to day recording environment - Radio & TV audio, audio books, web audio, some television stuff...etc...

First Run Entertainment will be devoted specifically towards Television and Motion Picture Films, Stage Productions, representing talent in various forms and media...that kind of thing. Really Neat Stuff will be for anything else that doesn't necessarily fit any of those categories, or crosses over from one media to another. It'll be a fun company, with a lot of surprises along the way. I hope you'll look for both companies on the web soon.

Incidentally, I'm currently working on several television shows and film projects, including doing a few screenplays. I'm also a Production & Studio Manager for a large media company here in South Florida. So as you can imagine, I'm a very busy guy.

All in all though, in closing, I must say that I've enjoyed every minute of what I do, and if I could do it 24 hours a day without sleeping, I would. Creative ideas, production, bringing it all together...that's what I live for. I love people, and I love helping them with whatever production request they might have. If you have an idea in mind and need someone like me to "bring it to life"...then by all means...let's talk! I'm looking forward to working together with you on your next project. Have a great day! :>)




Cleveland Radio & Television:

WGCL Radio - "G-98"
WERE Radio
WLYT Radio
WOBL Radio
WVIZ Television - Channel 25

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Radio & Television:

WLYF Radio - 101.5 - "Lite FM"
WJQY Radio - "Joy 107"
WWOK Radio
WSHE Radio
WQDI Radio
WPBT Television - Channel 2

Other Markets:

KSBK Radio - Naha, Okinawa
WXBM Radio - "X-102" - Milton, Florida
WNVY Radio - Pensacola, Florida
WPFA Radio - Pensacola, Florida

Production Manager at all stations - including "On Hold" companies - & voice heard in just about every city in the U.S.

Some Clients:

Olive Garden
4 Seasons Hotel Miami
Lexus Of Manhattan
Armor All Products
Charles Schwab
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Century 21
General Nutrition Center
United Rentals
Ryder Rental Trucks
Bob Marley Resorts
The Cartoon Network
PBS - Documentary
NBC Hallmark Hall Of Fame
All the major airlines
Grey Poupon
Debartolo Malls
WPLG Television
99.9 KISS FM
Tons of "On Hold" Stuff All Over The World
...and thousands others too numerous to mention.


My background is extensive - my voice extremely versatile. From deep and emotive to wacky character voices - documentary to Radio & TV promos and image liners...I'm flexible enough to handle any read. I'm also fast, reliable, budget conscious, and easy to work with.

I'm also a producer/director of audio/video material, write, produce and voice for the web, and I'm a scriptwriter and a screenwriter for television and motion picture films.

I'm also currently a studio manager of a large media company in South Florida.