Tom Jordan

Tom Jordan

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"Warm, genuine, confident - Jon Hamm meets Rod Serling"

I started doing voiceovers in 1995, and have worked with many great clients over the years. I'm confident that, if we end up working together, you'll be satisfied with the results - not just the final recorded product, but with our overall working relationship. Whether the job involves reading a single line or an entire novel, I take pride in the relationships I build with my clients and go out of my way to make sure you are happy with my services - from start to finish.


I've been training under Terry Daniel for the past year. He produced my commercial demo and is currently producing my latest narration demo. I've also attended several professional voiceover workshops, and have had person one-on-one training for commercial and narration performance.


I started out in VO pre-internet back in the days of CBT, or Computer Based Training. These were early E-learning videos that ran on CD ROM. I did several of these for clients in Los Angeles. I was working full time, and so put my VO career on hold until 2001, when I reached out to cable TV providers who had their own in-house production studios for clients' commercials. I did many car lot commercials and regional commercials for department stores, hardware stores, convenience stores, etc - all over the country. Recently, I've been fortunate to train with Terry Daniel, who has helped elevate my voiceover career to a new level of professionalism and booking success.


I have 20 years of professional marketing writing experience, with a focus on advertising, product marketing, web and brochure copy, and video sales scripts.