Timothy French

Membre depuis 3 années
"Young, slick, and full of energy!"
Timothy French

I started out doing international cartoons and web content! I'm interested in both the art and business of voice-acting, and I understand first and foremost that my voice is a product meant for a variety of different mediums. Whether it's a giant robot anime for teenagers, or a sincere appeal to customers of all ages to try out a new brand or product, I pride myself on being able to adapt to different situations.


I went to a Conservatory in New York City for two years, and right out of school I started working as a professional voice actor. In 2015, I began working at an international cartoon studio in the city, and I haven't looked back since!


I've worked on over a dozen international cartoons and countless explainer, industrial, and web videos.


Characters, Narration, Scriptwriting, Web Video.