Spencer Hanvik

Membre depuis 2 années
"Conversational Musicality w/ Loving Warmth & the Natural Sell"

Besides voice artistry, I have a foundational background and training in poetry as well as improvisational, electronic, and vocal music performance and recording. I apply this training and experience to augment and enhance the work I do in voiceover. My background has given me a longstanding comfort with studio environments and audio software & equipment. It has also taught me to be highly adept at navigating the dynamic and shifting needs of a recording sessions. And my script analysis happens quickly, with depth and precision for rhythmic & melodic activity as well as meaning & emotional content--to engage the listener and create an atmosphere where the sell (or any delivery of information) may as well be the most natural thing in the world.
I take direction very well, able to comfortably shift through adjustments across the whole range from the subtle to the drastic. And I've been told more than once that I'm fun to work with. My skill in script interpretation also gives me the strong ability to self direct. My lengthy experience working with audio gives me the skills I need to produce the high quality audio that clients expect and deserve on a quick turnaround (24 hours for most projects).


I work with Bruce Kronenberg, and to a lesser extent Bryant Falk, at Abacus Entertainment in New York City. I've trained and recorded there and attend regular workshops.


So far, my biggest corporate client has been KPMG. I have also worked in education/explainers relating to professional, university, and creative writing; technology; fine art; leisure; and entertainment. Much of my work has been theatrical including puppet shows, small-scale theater pitch videos, and a production based on a world of unreal products and hyper-real ad copy and jingles (forthcoming as a series of audio recordings; performances and video to follow), among other projects.
I have years of experience recording in professional studios, and home studios, and professional home studios. And I've worked on a number of audio workstations--from a strange desktop 16-track digital recording station, to computer based DAWs including Audacity, Protools, and currently I use Ableton Live. Besides voiceover, I have experience in audio production/post for music and spoken performance.


I have vocal training as a singer as well as VO training, with strong singing experience onstage and in studio. I also write and produce music, soundscapes, songs and lyrics--both in my own right and in collaboration with a Juilliard trained composer and producer. If, for example, a client needed complete audio production, up to a discussable scale, I can offer not just voiceover, but a full service audio solution.
My background in creative writing and its inevitable intersections with publishing has put me in more than a few positions of having to create copy for ads, blurbs, intros, presentations, crowd pleasing, and for educational purposes. Besides the sensitivity this gives me in reading copy, I can also offer this skill, should it ever come up. (Though let me be clear, I'll never step on anyone's toes or give unsolicited input on the copy.)