Scott Burns

Scott Burns

Membre depuis 6 années •
"The fun neighbor who can deliver a punchline as well as a eulogy"

My speaking voice has been described as, "Natural with a nice full-quality friendliness to it."
Unique qualities include the ability to adapt impersonation and improvisation skills to create original characters as well as conversational reads.

Globally known as the voice of Bowser (Super Mario/Nintendo)...but I can do more than grunt, growl and glare!


30 years on-job experience
Gary Austin, Founder of famed Improv Group, "The Groundlings" - Improv
Pat Fraley, noted Animation voice artist and instructor - Character/Animation/Audiobooks
Marice Tobias, "Voice Whisperer" - Commercial
Bob Bergen, "Porky Pig and Tweetie Pie" - Warner Brothers - Character/Animation
Jeff Howell, -Director - Promo
Jodi Gottlieb, Director/Producer - Promo
Nancy Wolfson, Braintracks Audio-Commercial


Being the character "Bowser" for Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers franchise has certainly been a feather in my "Cred" cap amongst millennials. (It's the only voice job that's ever resulted in requests for autographs!)
I'm proud to have been hired to work for such diverse clientele as Microsoft, Amazon and Nickelodeon, Bungie and Lionel Trains.

My Commercial experience includes: Miller Lite, Foster Farms, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Alaska Airlines, Kmart/Sears, Skechers, McDonalds, Nike and even Lucky Eagle Casino!
My Narration experience includes introduction for the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington (Vulcan), eLearning for Microsoft's 365 Dynamics, Parallels University, Holland America and Rena Ware
My Character experience includes a wide variety of roles featured in games for Humongous, Monolith, Sierra, EnMasse, and Nintendo.


I am an audio design engineer and producer, proficient with not only Adobe Audition and Pro Tools but other digital audio workstation platforms as well.
My day-job duties include producing broadcast and internet commercials for a leading advertising and business growth agency in the Seattle Washington area.
Operating from a fully equipped broadcast quality recording studio, I'm able to provide professional editing and mixing services if need be.