Sandy McKee

Sandy McKee

Membre depuis 1 décennie •
"A uniquely classic and trusting voice..."

...In today’s fast paced marketplace, BP, NALCO Champion, HP as well as other leading international companies
entrust their brands in worldwide exposure to Sandy and his warm, distinct, relatable delivery and style - maybe you should too...


Mentored by:
Mr. Chuck Duran, Los Angeles CA
Mr. Marc Cashman, Los Angeles CA
Mr. Patrick Fraley, Los Angeles CA
Mr. Scott A. "Scooter" Fortney, Harrisburg PA
Mr. Terry Daniel, Minneapolis, MN
Graduate Cum Laude, Universal Voice Talent, Minneapolis MN


"...Sandy is a pleasure to work with. He has a dynamic and memorable voice. I highly recommend him for your project; especially if you need a warm and folksy voice. He is prompt, reliable and absolutely worth your time..."

Terry Daniel, President
Universal Voice Talent

"...a true story teller & artist that uses words as his canvas...always prompt and delivers exactly what the client wants...he is my go to guy for political ads..."
Gary Elliott
Production Manager
KSEV-AM Houston Texas

"...not only has a smooth, easy-on-the-ear voice, he knows how to use it. ..every director wishes all voice actors took direction as well as Sandy. The icing on the cake is, he's a heck of a nice guy!..."
Scott Scooter Fortney

"...Your ability to clearly articulate and project the desired emotion, while sounding genuinely committed to the subject matter stands as a testament to your talents as a true artisan in the field of voice overs."
Todd Montefusco
Campaign Manager

Repeat Clientele:
Breitburn Energy
NALCO Champion
KSEV-AM700 - The Voice Of Texas
EV Downhole Cameras
Marc Morera Productions, Spain
workflow pictures film production, Munich, Germany
The Revolution Church, Canton, Georgia
Jon Woods for State Senate, Arkansas
St. Peter's Methodist Church, Katy, Texas
Chesapeake Atlantic Holdings, Tampa, Florida
Stirling Capital Holdings, LLC - Tampa Florida
Strega Realty Partners - Tampa Florida


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