Rob Drex

Rob Drex

Membre depuis 7 années
"Unabashedly Friendly, Confident, Informed, Teenage to Adult"

I am Rob Drex, voice talent, actor, marketer, and the voice (and sometimes face) of public relations for a wide variety of business and ventures over 4 decades of self-employment and freelance contracting. My voice and presentation is described as warm, friendly, informed and confident but I am also a theater trained actor (BA Theater Arts) and can provide expressive, articulate or comic character-related interpretations of your scripting if desired.

I currently do my voice over work in my home studio where I use several types of mics for voicing audio books, commercials, e-learning and corporate scripts, English learning classes and much more. I am responsible, on-schedule and my rates both reasonable and fair.

I can lend to your job over 4 decades of self-employment experience, including ongoing voice work in the fields of public relations, promotions, many small businesses from restaurants to software development, selling investments and marketing numerous products to many different kinds of clients (retailers to corporate executives).


University of Minnesota Acting, Voice and Singing classes as part of a Theater Arts BA degree, subsequent singing and voice classes and long time audio and performance events/shows and business presentations for internal business events, radio and tv Public Relations appearances.


4 decades of a huge variety of performance and PR/promotional business presentations as well as acting, singing and public performing


I can do musical/sound effect enhancements of your audio ads, elearning scripts, product videos, explainer videos and more.

I play piano - compose, and perform on occasion. I can offer custom piano backgrounds to readings, original music w/no licence fees. just production costs.

I love to produce voice work with appropriate music - audiobook trailers for example. I have a good ear and sense for the energy and "feel" of text and music together.

I am good at writing copy and also almost always end up correcting/improving English copy when reading- especially copy that needs to communicate a lot in a short space (spoken or written).