Richard Bunn

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"Clear, Authentic and Educated British voice"
Richard Bunn

My work is characterised by an animated, conversational tone which tends to be perceived as bright and sincere. I have been described as sounding educated, confident, trustworthy, friendly and authentic. My voice is completely neutral, Southern British, but with no accent, although I can voice most regional inflections if required.


Trained by Notable Voices, now one of London's top rated broadcast quality studios. Continue to work with a vocal coach; supplemented by the excellent training offered by Peter Dickson and Huw Edwards through their website GFTB, a top name in voiceover training. Recently completed additional courses with Pat Fraley, a highly acclaimed voice coach and a member of the Voice and Speech Trainers of America’s.


Social Video Marketing. The Passionists. Adhoc Producciones. 2020.
Commercial. Orange Business Services. Voquent Productions. 2020
Commercial. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter. FischerAppelt Productions. 2020
Videogame. ‘Domitius’ in The Forgotten City. Modern Storyteller Games 2020
Audiobook. Jekyll & Hyde, a study guide by Francis Gilbert 2020
Commercial. FitVoice 2020
IVR. Haberdot Fine Furnishings 2020
Commercial. Mater for Pictet Investment 2020
Commercial. Twingtec Wind Energy 2.0 2020
Charity promo. 'DatetoDonate' 2020
Audiobook. V4 Vengeance by Nigel Seed 2020
Narrator. The EasyRead System 2020
Radio Drama. 'George' in Making the Cut. JustoneC Productions 2020
Corporate Explainer. 'What is Health and Wellbeing?' Network Rail 2020
SN Wargame Battle Reports SkaredcastEvents Announcer 2019
'Tonga's Got Talent' 2017.
Official 'Voice of God' (announcer and compere) for Military Tri-Service Health Symposiums 2016/2019


Script proofreading on request