Remy Breukhoven

Membre depuis 2 années •
"Native Dutch voice-over. Bilingual German. Continental English."
Remy Breukhoven

My name is Remy and I am a qualified, trained and experienced voice actor/voice-over in native Dutch & German (bilingual) or English (continental).

My versatile voice can be:
-sober and serious for medical and scientific presentations or e-learning
-youthful, friendly and relatable for commercials
-bright, helpful and clear for IVR
-straightforward, professional and knowledgeable for business presentations
-engaging, warm and dynamic for audio books
-audacious, cheeky or downright scary for comics, games and characters.

I take pride in excellent quality, a fast turnaround and friendly cooperation.

Note that, as a professional, I charge commensurate standard market rates, whether it is as a voice-over for an A-Brand commercial on state TV (with millions of viewers) or an e-learning module including recording, production, editing, mixdown, finalising and 3 repair cycles.

For further questions, simply send me a message and I will do my best to assist with your project, no matter what your budget.


I graduated in music on the Conservatory, and have invested considerable time in ongoing acting classes and vocal coaching.


I have been active on the Dutch market for a few years now. Through the internet my voice got noticed and I have found several agents across Europe. Being bilingual I am native Dutch and fluent in German + English. Clients this year (2019):

- Dutch commercials, eLearning and guided tours;
- Various museums in Spain & Portugal for guided tour productions in three languages;
- Different scientific eLearning productions for Doctors and MD's;
- Swiss insurance brands;
- Children education apps;
- Character and cartoon productions from Japan;


I own a first-rate home studio with Mac/Sennheiser/Neumann/Steinberg equipment and do my own pre- and post-production in Cubase 10, with the possibility of live directing via Studio Link/SessionLinkPRO.