Patrick Grehan

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"A powerful male voice Professional, Attractive, Believable."
Patrick Grehan

Accurate adjectives clients use to describe Patrick's voice and delivery would be: Trustworthy, Sincere, Authoritative, Attractive, Friendly, Fresh, Relatable. Styles include: Believable, Conversational, Professional, Confident, Informative, Corporate, Animated, Natural, Energetic, Upbeat.

He has great strength with inflections and tones, excellent diction, literacy and language skills and takes direction extremely well. With his formal voice training as a singer and for voice acting he possesses a well developed focus on breathing and annunciation.

He also has a collection of accents like British, Irish, Scottish and more upon request. As well he does a few quality impressions like Sam Elliot, Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Arnold Schwarzenegger and William Shatner. Out of the many categories of the voice over world: Movie Trailers, Television, Video Games, Radio, Business and Internet based work are the ones he tends to enjoy and excel at. Explainer Videos, How To and Sizzle Reels are other areas where Patrick Grehan has great command with his versatile voice.


Trained and endorsed by Tommy Griffiths a 30 year veteran voice actor.
Trained vocally as a singer by Elaine Overholt.
Studied and completed a diploma in recording engineering, Fanshawe College, London, Ontario Canada.


Clients include: Ford Motor Company, Big Fish Video Games, Freek Van Kempen (Trailer and radio spot producer located in Belgium), Fun For Two Attractions to name a few.

Voicing in group for film and television at Pinewood Sound, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Extensive experience recording Voice over for animation, audiobooks and ADR for film and television shows such as Chris Carters-X Files.


As a seasoned recording/audio engineer Patrick has worked in music/album production and audio post production in some of Canada's most renowned recording facilities like Phase One (Toronto), Technicolor Toronto and Pinewood Sound (Vancouver) 'shooting' ADR on productions such as Chris Carters: The X-Files and Millennium as well as group voice records on animated series like: Beast-Wars and Reboot. His extensive experience in this area working on 'the other side of the glass' has given him myriad opportunities to familiarize with the voice over world and client needs. With that you can be assured of a clean, sonically perfect audio file when he delivers your voice project and any post production needs like music and effects are available.

As a singer/songwriter he has a debut album releasing summer 2016 which displays his 'other voice' of music. He's been told his singing voice is notably different from his speaking voice and yet more over he can change that in several ways as well. A voice chameleon if you might. He loves it as an art and especially as a business!