Pat Garrett

Pat Garrett

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"Bright, eloquent, confident, warm, friendly & a sense of humour"

A strong background as an actor contributes to my ability as a voice actor. I've just recorded my first Audiobook of Poetry for an American Publishing Company and the feedback from the company and the writer was immensely positive. My work with the Jim Henson Company has given me the skills to voice a variety of diverse characters and I'm a very confident sight reader.


I trained as an actor and have worked in ADR supplying all the voices in both English and French for the supporting artists in feature film 'The Time of Their Lives' with Joan Collins and Pauline Collins. I'm very skilled at lip-synch work and have recorded audio work for commercials and as narrator on an animated film.


I've recorded an Audiobook for Las Vegas based Publishing Company 'Black Laquer Press' and have worked for the Jim Henson Company. As an actor I have played a variety of lead roles in theatre and film.


I'm an alto singer and am fluent in French and Spanish. My natural voice is a relaxed RP.