November Wanderin

November Wanderin

Membre depuis 10 années •
"Polyglot Narrator & Writer -Profisprecherin mit eigenem Studio"

I work in 6 languages: native English, near-native German, fluent French, conversational Hebrew, Spanish and Italian.
7 years of experience as a Professional Voice Talent. 10+ years as a scriptwriter for online videos and films.

German Voice Sample:
(Ausschnitt aus der Videokunst von *November Wanderin)
*November ist mein Künstlername als Sprecherin, Cassie Hirsh ist mein Geburtsname.

Voice Styles: natural, informative, professional, educational, scientific/medical, relaxing, warm, character acting, playful
Specialty: diverse ages and accents


BA Degree in Media Production (Film & TV)
BA Degree in Translation and Interpreting (German, French and Italian > English)
AA Degree in Art History


Professional narrator for top sound post-production houses, TV, film, corporate clients and cultural institutions.

- American English (native)
- Near-Native German (lived in Berlin for over 20 years, acquired German at age 12)
- Fluent French and Italian speaker (non-native, yet short texts sounds natural)

Writing Skills:
-Scriptwriter and Script Editor
- Published Editor
- Copywriter (English & German)
- Professionally trained Translator (French, German, Italian into English, Hebrew into English, English into German and French)



1. Corporate Video - TEVA

2. TV Commercials

3. Non-Profits