Nicholas Gauci

Nicholas Gauci

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"Deeply Resonant Soothing Voice with Dark Chocolate Undertones"

I really excel at producing calming narratives, perfect for soothing tired or overactive minds. Selling luxury brands and indulgent experiences is definitely my forte. My clear Standard English accent, combined with my baritone voice, adds gravitas and a sense of professionalism to any project. This lends itself to various corporate voice overs, technical language, medical jargon and the e-learning field.


I trained for two years at an accredited Theatre & TV/Radio School in London called Drama Studio (2009-2011). I also have a voice over mentor who has guided my recording technique and sound engineering skills for over two years - he is a fully fledged voice artist in his own right, Richard Antony ( I also furthered my training with Guy Michaels (, completing his Voiceover Kickstart I + II courses, and am an active member in his forum.


My biggest achievement is the 5-part nature documentary that I recorded with the reputable production company, Blink Films UK ( I was granted the permission to upload the mini-series onto my YouTube channel. Views for Episode 1 alone has almost reached the 1 million mark.

Within the field of e-learning, I produced several listening tasks and vocabulary sets, and directed/produced dialogues (bringing other voice talents to my studio) for the English language learning platform, Going Fluent.

I've also recorded radio ads and public service announcements for local radio stations, and audiobooks for Audible.


I have extensive post-production skills, and am a member of Audioblocks and, so can choose from a very diverse range of quality music/background tracks and sound effects, to include in my voice over submissions should the client need them.