Neil Weightman

Neil Weightman

Membre depuis 9 années
"With a natural British sounding accent, that is warm and genuine"

I have natural sounding British accent that is warm and trustworthy (I am reliably informed)
I also the have the ability to 'Sell Big' where required, provide accents when requested - keep a 'Soft Read' engaging to the listener, read properly and make a script come alive.


I have worked in Broadcasting for over 20 years, along the way I have received professional voice coaching in my early days as a talent looking for more work.

Since then, I have provided training myself, teaching students at college about getting the most out of their voice, microphone technique and how to read a script properly! So the student has become the teacher.

I wrote the course, as well as teaching it.


I have been a voice over talent in Radio and Television for years, and more recently since setting up my home studio (I run a film production service from home) I have found myself working more on web and documentary style projects.


I am an advanced user of Adobe Audition CS6. So the Audio returned is properly prepared, if requested I also have the skill base for post production.