Nathan Lowe

Nathan Lowe

Membre depuis 10 années
"Multi purpose, credible, voice"

A voice over talent with range — from educated, smooth, professional, and authoritative for business, to warm, kind for PSA or "slice of life" to witty, wry to fun for modern explainers and commericals; to hard sell, call to action.

I “officially” began my voice over career in 1999 doing college radio. Unofficially, I have been fascinated by voices, dialects, characters, and accents all my life. From the time I was at least 5, I was either embarrassing my folks by trying to imitate relatives or people I heard in the street, or driving them crazy wearing out old Disney records by listening to them over and over... and over, mesmerized by the sound of the actors’ voices and the wonderful, crazy things they made their vocal apparatus do — and wanting to do the same.

I also started singing from an early age, first in choirs, and thru college on a music scholarship. In these vocal performances, I learned the voice’s capacity to deliver powerful messages, in a way that I didn’t understand from cartoons. Added to this mix was my time in and around theater, and from these various sources, I grew to understand the fun, influence and true artistry of this wonderful craft.

Fast forward to a move to Los Angeles, a stint at KFI radio, the opportunity to train with respected voice coaches, and to voice for KCRW, The National Geographic Channel, Walmart, ADP, and more.


Bob Bergen
Marc Cashman
Dolores Diehl
Marc Graue
Bill Holmes
MJ Lallo
Roger Scott
Nancy Wolfson
Wofford College Theatre program
4 yr music/voice scholarship Wofford College


Nexon America — Dragon Nest MMORPG ("Germaine")
Wisecrack — "8 Bit Philosophy" ongoing Youtube series narrator
Houghton Mifflin — "Curious World" iOS app
Focus Home Interactive — Space Run video game ("Captain Black", "Brownbeard")The Ben Jacks Agency - Maxxima Lighting web/TV
ThomasARTS - Aetna True Value
True North – Cisco Mobile Collaboration web promo
Visionarium/True North — SuccessFactors web promo
KingsIsle Entertainment — Pirate101 online MMO (British accent characters "Death", "Deacon", "Harry Lyme")
Carmichael/Lynch — National Geographic (British accent "King Tut Exhibit", "The Afterlife")
David & Goliath — Carl's Jr. Radio spots ("The Stomach Whisperer", "Clowns"). British accent, Western Regional
ICOR, Intl — ICOR Training videos
Userlytics — Sizzle Reel
LoSasso/Jada Cash — Brunswick XL
3 CLiCk Media — web video
Oceanic Time Warner — TV and Radio spots
KCRW — Prominent LA market Station Promos
Interbrand — ADP/Broadridge Informational DVD
National Geographic Channel (“Expeditions to the Edge: Sahara Nightmare”, English voice of Mauro Prosperi)
Lunchbox Studios — Walmart SoundCheck national in-store imaging
Wingman Media/Randy Scherrer — Easylife Furniture; Wingman Media in-house sizzle reel
Wizard of Ads — Boone County National Bank
MC2 — DRS Technologies — British accent Corporate Narration
Sick Media/Jeremy Pfeiffer Productions — SignalOne British accent Corporate Narration
Ernie Geefay — VSP informational DVD)
Toy Presidents — ‘Jesus’ Collectible Figure various sayings
Skystorm — NTM regional radio spots
Husky IMS — corporate training DVD