Monica Wolfkill

Monica Wolfkill

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"Street smart, intelligent temptress with a heart of gold"

I've been a stage actress for 20 years, so I don't just READ your words, I bring them to life. I have extensive experience in the legal field and have knowledge of that terminology. I'm an avid reader and proofreader. I have a range from child to middle-aged adult. I can be the sweet girl-next-door, or the temptress down the street. I also do character voices (child, wicked witch, old lady, nerd, etc.) Let me be your voice!


20 years of acting (stage and tv); Such A Voice graduate October 2018; over 10 years of voiceover for commercials, animation, online gaming.


The Story of Keilah-All voices-ACX/Audiobook (Available April 2019)
Quakertown Farmers Market (TV ads)-Woman-PBR Productions
The Mercadian Affair (cartoon)-Sgt. Maj. Shasta-Michael Prokop, Director/Author
The Mirror & the Phonograph (radio epic on youtube)-Margaret/Fortune Teller/Announcer-Caelia Adams, Director/Author
Hack Slash (Vols 1-4) (stop action comics)-Cassandra Hack-Sean Crisden, Producer
God Killers (stop action comics)-Half-Pipe-Sean Crisden, Producer
UI Movie-Muse GUI-Eric Badros, Producer
Andromeda 5 (online gaming)-Ruby & Aeris-Sean Crisden, Producer
Dinonauts (animation)-The Intergalactic Piranha-Sean Crisden, Producer
Social Anxiety (online gaming)-Multiple Voices-Mo Perzan/Nice Tie Games