Melanie Fraser

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"British English RP, Classically Elegant, Flexible, Warm Tones"
Melanie Fraser

Professional actress, Audible Approved Producer and Audio book Narrator.

My voice has been described as RP English, professional, classically elegant, polished, clear, engaging and assured with flexible and warm tones.

I have a sound proofed studio with a Rode NT1A microphone and software includes Sony Soundcraft Pro 11.


Actress - trained at Bush Davies Theatre Arts
Voice Over Workshops and 1 -1 - Jean-Paul Orr, The Showreel
Home Studio Workshop - Jean-Paul Orr,The Showreel
Vocal Intensive Workshop - Yvonne Morley, The Showreel
1 - 1 Voice Over - Garry Terzza, VomasterClass
Voice Over Workshop - Sugar Pod Productions
BeeAudio Home Studio Certificate for Audiobook Narrators
Accent Workshop - Yvonne Morley, The Showreel


Narrator for Children's Educational Programmes for British Council, Rediffusion Radio, Malta
Narrator for animation for ARCO (about housing choices for older people):
Sci-fi Video Game "Dark Matter Hudokai", Penny Grayback (crazy scientist assassin)
Voice over for Libre Freestyle System Reader, Abbott (2014
Lobby Announcer for TechExpo Flight 14, BlueWater Technologies
Voice Over for website video, Klynstone (design)
Voice Over for educational video, Futureperfect (credit cards choices for older people)
Voice Over, Wet Work website video (aquarium tank design)
Radio Interview, Mid-Morning with Ian & Bex, Vectis Radio
Voice Over, St John Ambulance First Aid Volunteer Appeal, Vectis Radio
Voice Over - several commercials, Gov Radio (leisure centres)
Voice Over - branding collaboration video, Studiotime& (fashion)
Voice Over - 5 tutorials DORO Liberto 820 Smartphone (online)
Voice Over - Gavleborg internet video
Voice over - Gavleborg Region Swedish video
Ident for Vectis Radio - Kelvin Currie's Mid-Morning Show
Voice over for Libre Freestyle System Reader, Abbott 2019
Voice over - Hiscox Fine Arts
Voice Over - Safran

Producer and Narrator for the audiobooks listed below: on & (
A Gentleman's Daughter: Her Love author, Reina M Williams)
The Promise, (author, Elizabeth Chappelle).
The Final Dawn' (author, Alice Catherine Carter
Princess in Peril (author, Janet Whitehead)
A Murderer's Heart (author, Julie Elizabeth Powell)
Lady Concealed (author, Jane Bridges)
Dirty Business (author, Julie Elizabeth Powell)
Crossing the Vaal (author, Achie Vincent)
Misadventures of Fatwoman (author, Julie Elizabeth Powell)
Le Tour de Paris, The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker Book 1 (authors: Sharon Skinner and Bob Nelson)
Outside the Walls (authors: Alexandra L Butcher and Diane L Wicker)
Desiree 1519 (author: Archie Vincent)
Israel. Kid Congo Travel the World Series (author: Kid Kongo)
Secrets of the Manor House (author, Hilary Brown/Go Entertain)
Florence, Italy Travel Guide Book by Passport to European Travel Guides
Vienna, Austria Travel Guide Book by Passport to European Travel Guides
Winter's Pearl, Prologue to the Guy Winters Mysteries Series (author, James Philip)
Winter's War, Book 1 the Guy Winters Mysteries Series (author, James Philip)
Sounds of Time, The Chronicles of Tavara Tinker Book 2 (authors: Bob Nelson & Sharon Skinner)
Winter's Revenge, Book 2 the Guy Winters Mysteries Series (author, James Philip)
My Lord the Spy (author, Audrey Harrison)
Winter's Exile, book 3 the Guy Winters Mysteries Series (author, James Philip)
My Earl the Spy (author, Audrey Harrison)
Masked Love (author, Nicole Zoltack)
Winter's Return, book 4 the Guy Winters Mysteries Series (author, James Philip)
Winter's Spy, book 5 the Guy Winters Mysteries Series (author, James Philip)
Return to the Regency- A Time Travel Romance (author, Audrey Harrison)
The Foundling Duke, book 1 (author, Audrey Harrison)
The Foundling Lady, book 2 (author Audrey Harrison)
Learn Italian for Beginners, Learn Italian Effortlessly Through Proven Methods, 2 Books in 1 (Accelerated Language Learning Audiobooks)
A Scandalous Request (author, Micki Miller)


Equity Member

Registered narrator on BeeAudio.

I can draw on my experience in the fields below to enhance my audio recordings:

All round theatre training and at Royal Ballet School.
Former Professional Ballet Teacher and Lecturer at theatres colleges in the UK, Italy and Spain.
Naturopath and later, manager of a private medical practice in London for many years added in-depth knowledge of the technical terms needed to present several infomercials and promotions live and on television.

We very much enjoyed working with Melanie, who was very accommodating when it came to asking for changes to the initial script. Also, Melanie’s response was always very speedy, which made it easy to complete the project on time’.
Michael Voges, Executive Director, ARCO (

Thank you for your excellent work!’ Kirsty Stark, Casting Director, www. (Abbott Freestyle Libre System Reader)

"You're a rock! Thank you for your patience. I’m really impressed with you. You have a really good sound quality from your studio.Thank you for doing a great job! Today was a pleasure!" Josefine Johansson , Project Manager
Widevox Sound Productions & Online

WE LOVE IT!!! THANKS SO MUCH. You really put a lot of life in the story. I especially love the voice of the guardian. I have to say it was a thrill to hear my story,'Tashi's Gold' from 'Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World' told out loud by someone as talented as you. Thanks again. Naomi C. Rose, Award-winning author and artist

"Thank you so very much for your beautiful work, Melanie! I very much appreciate your narration, attention to detail and your professionalism.
Reina M Williams, Author, 'A Gentleman's Daughter: Her Love'

“Finding someone to narrate my books felt like stepping into a minefield, so finding Melanie to narrate A Murderer's Heart (a murder mystery) was definitely my lucky day.
Not only has she a wonderfully precise and clear voice with fabulous versatility for plot and characterisation, but also is professional and friendly so that the entire process was extremely easy for me. I would highly recommend Melanie Fraser's much so that I hope she will consider narrating more of my books.”
Julie Elizabeth Powell, Author, ‘A Murderer’s Heart’.

“I found myself wanting to know what happened next (even though I know)...” James Philip,
Author, ‘Winter’s Pearl’