Marielle Nuval

Marielle Nuval

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"Smart Cookie Voice Overs - The Intelligent choice!"

People get a sense of my energy right away from the first time we meet. I have an eternal youthfulness about my energy and voice. There is something about the familiarity of my voice that makes my words relatable yet compelling. My voice is versatile, and can adapt to different types of VO at the drop of a cookie (Heaven forbid!).

If you want to bake a little bit of sweet, melodious, and bubbly fun into your voiceover, Smart Cookie VO is the intelligent choice! Need playful, textured, and engaging voices for your character VO? I’m right here!

If you’re looking for a bite of engaging, dynamic, and upbeat voiceovers for eLearning or corporate narrations, you’re still in the right place! What are you waiting for? Contact Mari now for quotes or to schedule your next session!


Voice One with Elaine Clark, and at the Global Voice Acting Academy with Cristina Milizia and David Rosenthal.


Is currently on the 2017 talent roster for Pandora Internet Radio. Has also recorded voices for popular Facebook Messenger game, Everwing (as Arcana, Guardian of Magic). Has recorded voice work for Shoot The Moon, a toys and games invention company, for the mobile game app company, Libii Games, and the podcast intro for Tim Paige's Secret Superhero Podcast Network. One of her most memorable achievement to date is winning an audition contest with Everett Oliver of My Booth Director in Los Angeles, CA.


Enjoys singing and playing ukulele on the side and occasionally writing songs. Currently has a home studio that is capable of recording studio-quality audio. Can be patched in through Skype, Zoom, phone patch, SourceConnect, ipDTL, and BodalgoCall.