Luis Trumper

Membre depuis 3 années
"Deep clear voice; accessible, authoritative, friendly, knowledge"

I have a long experience working in TV like journalist, anchor and conducting TV and Radio Shows, doing voice overs ( receiving several awards), that bring me oral, knowledge of Spanish and interpersonal communication skills to succeed in this job.


Working in TV like an anchor, performing in Radio and dubbing documentaries.


I have strong experience translating and dubbing english documentary movies to Spanish in the Planetarium fieldVoice over, translator and dubber of Commercials, documentaries and Planetarium Movies. (English to Spanish) Journalist, Scientific and Tv News Presenter, Planetarium Lecturer, Planetarium Shows Producer. Translator and dubber .Planetarium Operator .Telescope Operator. Scientific Writer.TV anchor and Chief of News; Company: Cable Video SRL; City: Parana; State: Entre Rios In charge of conducting and producing daily news in Channel 4 with several awards mentioned in achievements section. TV Conductor of TV Show Exploring The Universe; Company: Canal 9 SRL.City: Parana; State: Entre Rios TV Anchor of Ecos de Un Mundo Estrellado Speaker — ; Company: Cable Vision;City: Parana;State: Entre Rios


Post Production