Lorcan MacMuiris

Membre depuis 5 années
"Sonorous, trustworthy, Irish; broken glass dipped in honey."

With a naturally deep and soothing voice, a huge array of accents, vocal styles and characters, great comic timing, serious dramatic chops and a deep love of the written and spoken word -- as well as the ability to provide VO in four languages -- as well as years of experience as a "straight guy" newsreader and TV announcer, I bring enormous versatility to any project.


Trained in singing while studying for an honours Bachelor of Music degree, trained in broadcasting while a newsreader at 96fm, Ireland's leading local radio station, with advanced vocal presentation and voice acting training while working for RTÉ television and radio, Ireland's national broadcaster. Additional "on the job" training while working with/for various producers and studios which has served me very well over the years. Also an experienced stage actor and an enthusiastic public speaker who has provided training for others who want to speak in public.


I have been a national broadcaster in Ireland, working on both television and radio, as well as a newsreader and a current affairs show presenter for the largest radio station outside the capital. I have also recorded voice overs for clients on both sides of the Atlantic and in Australia, covering corporate presentations, audiobooks, documentaries, spoken word pieces for art exhibits, educational videos, advertising, audiobooks, interactive exhibits and more.

In addition to being a voice actor and voice over artist, I have worked as a presentation consultant, teaching others how best to use their voice to communicate, and I have worked as a stage actor in English, Irish and Spanish.

Since beginning my career in radio over 20 years ago, I have have the pleasure and privilege of working with some outstanding producers and directors, from whom I am proud to have learned. This has allowed me to hone my expertise and given me the ability to quickly find the right "voice" for a client's need, returning top-quality audio -- often produced and edited in my own studio -- with a very short turnaround time. I also provide scripting and script editing services.

Clients of note include RTÉ, the Irish national broadcaster; Aer Lingus, the Irish national airline; Australia's '19 Crimes' wine company; MSL, Ireland's leading Mercedes Benz retailer; UDG, an international pharmaceutical company and the distance-learning, augmented-learning and adult-learning department of Cork Institute of Technology.


I am an award-winning songwriter and composer, and have been a working musician for most of my life; classical music, jazz, Irish traditional music, American folk music and more.

I have a strong interest in linguistics, which allows me to work in a wide variety of accurate, idiomatic accents, ranging from North American accents through a wide variety of European and other world accents, as well as Irish and English regional accents.

I am a polyglot, with native proficiency in English and Irish as well as the ability to record voice overs in Spanish and German, with a slight but noticable foreign accent in each.