Kimberly Martin

Membre depuis 3 années •
"Millennial best friend giving pep talks and sassy snap-backs"

Described as the millennial best friend, my voice is energetic, warm, and vibrant with a youthful, playful vibe. My sweet spot ranges from friendly, conversational (think wine night with the girls!) to wry, sarcastic (think Aubrey Plaza!) but I have a wide overall range - from a warm, caring mother of an infant to the inspirational pep talker of a friend starting their own business. I can even become the self-checkout scanner, if needed!


Trained with Heidi Rew & Mike Stoudt of Atlanta Voiceover Studio, workshop with VO talent and on-camera actor Brian Bremer


Each VO experience reaches a new step in my VO journey - looking to make my next leap!


Mezzosoprano vocal singing range - contemporary training through young adult years