Kelli Petroski

Kelli Petroski

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"A flexible voice rich with passion and expertise."

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A feature that makes Kelli's work unique is flexibility. She's able to 'be' a child, young adult, middle aged, or very mature, all of which sound natural, not like acting or trying to sound old or young. This allows her to step into character easily and to change the delivery for a director as needed. She quite likes working with directors that will push her to see the range of her voice. Another unique characteristic she has is her love of long form narration. Her background in IT, programming, and project management have prepared her to enjoy detailed, long form work such as medical narration or audiobooks. Her highly developed attention to detail has served her well in these areas.


Kelli believes that learning and training are lifelong endeavors. She developed her skills for commercial, e-learning, IVR, and medical narration with private coaching from top talent in the field, and also continues to check in regularly with her mentors. To develop her acting skills and for audiobook narration she's worked one-on-one with actors in studios in LA. Along with her voice acting training, she has a degree in business management specializing in computer information systems. These specialized skills assure those that she collaborates with that their product will be completed with technical expertise and professionalism. She is also a certified assistive technology specialist. Listening to and understanding the importance of delivering images via voice for persons with low or no vision is at the heart of the passion you will hear in her voice overs and narrating.

Coaching and demos by J. Michael Collins
Coaching and mentoring with Peter Dickson, Hugh Edwards, Bev Standing, Rob Bee, and more via Gravy for the Brain
Coaching and Acting with Pat Fraley and Scott Brick for Audiobook and Narration


Kelli has VoiceOver clients in the US and globally. She recently has completed eLearning projects for a company in Spain and an intro video for NuPaths (a United States provider of role-focused IT education), she was honored to be selected by USA Today Bestselling author and Audible All Star, Dianne Harman to narrate several of her cozy mysteries including 'Murder at Le Bijou Bistro', 'Murder and Brandy Boy', 'Murder at the Bed & Breakfast', and 'White Cloud Retreat' all available on Audible. She is now recording 'Murder in Seychelles' for Dianne. Earlier this year she released a psychological thriller 'Charm City Killer' which is available to purchase via Audible. Kelli has collaborated with Learning Ally to bring the five star rated children's (ages 8-12) book 'The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart' to life for students with learning differences. These are a few examples of her work that show a range from corporate/professional, lighthearted to serious, and varied age and tone.


In addition to the voice acting skills that she continues to develop, Kelli has a background in IT and project management that ensures each collaboration is efficient, timely, and professionally edited. Her focus on training and on-going education in voice acting, audio editing, and business management allows her to present a very polished, professional product that reflects the current direction and tone of the industry. She previously co-owned a multi-media company and developed skills that allow her to not only collaborate with directors, developers, and editors, but to step in and do the audio/video editing when needed. Kelli has a professional recording studio and complete audio editing tools.