Kate Russell-Smith

Kate Russell-Smith

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"Informative, clear but also friendly, with an ear for accents!"

I'm often called upon to be a reliable, level and clear voice for global content. I can be approachable and friendly but also authoritative and measured.

I have an excellent aptitude for accents including numerous UK and worldwide dialects and have fantastic comic timing.

I can be cheeky! - I've done several wildlife documentaries and know what's needed to convey a sense of fun.


I trained at The Oxford School of Drama and have worked as an actor across Audio, TV, Film and Theatre for over 20 years.

I am used to working on my vocal skills as I sing regularly. I was also deputy voice captain for, as well as performer in, 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' in the West End from 2018-2019.


I've worked for Big Finish Productions, the Smithsonian Channel, Isis Publishing and Antenna Audio amongst many others, voicing a multitude of different characters.

I've been a demonic Scottish chef in 'New Counter Measures 2: The Hollow King', satirised the series 'Serial' for a sketch comedy podcast called 'And Then She Said A Funny Thing', provided narration for worldwide museums and galleries including the Louvre in Paris and Abu Dhabi and been the level, informative, yet friendly voice for global corporate online content. I've also done ADR for the German series 'Der Lack Ist Ab' and provided the audio for nature documentaries with the Smithsonian Channel.


I have an excellent mezzo singing voice!