Kadesh Collie

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"Warm, intriguing, charismatic, with an approachable twist"
Kadesh Collie

I'm a performer who wants to awaken the deepest parts of my audience, that’s how all the greatest made a legendary name for themselves and that how I hope to be remembered. Through acting I'll connect to my audience by drawing them in the depths of my characters be it on stage, film or in their earbuds.


-Hours of study on sites like Gravy for the brain
-Study in books from top Voice Over Talent
-Hours of group practices with talented voice over artists


-Voiced a commercial for a leading beer company in the Nation
-Voiced a commercial for a government watchdog group
-Was the the voice


I' able to:

-Run post-production
-Add music specific to taste and mood
-Can sync audio
-Speak in a deep baritone
-Add a Caribbean accent