John Lamont

Membre depuis 6 années •

My work is unique due to my many years in the armed services. That experience gave me qualities such as: Following direction, commanding attention, natural leadership, and integrity.

In terms of my Voice, I am naturally strong in narration, keeping listeners engaged and interested is important to me and it shows in my voice over work. I am also strong in commercials that require a more natural "real person" sound and feel.

For character work I am best suited for strong male roles. My attitude is very versatile, ranging from very serious and stern, to light hearted and comedic. Whatever the script calls for in a male role really.


I learned voice over from a series of professional private coaches, along with acting and theater training.

Learning from my own experience has been a huge part of my education. I am always striving to learn new skills and put them into practice!


I have worked on hundreds of Commercials, E-learning, Video games, Etc. I have experience in virtually every field of Voice Over. My clients include names like:

Penn State University
Make a Wish Foundation
Fish (feature film narration)
Beverly Hills Litigation
RNB Property Management
Grand Rapids Art Museum
Relationship Realtors
Tech Radio Station
Medic Assist America
Dyna Allergy
Yoder Oil
Swords and Bagpipes
Magic Mr Nick
Bible Reading Audiobooks
Phuket Golf Course
Video Game characters (2)
Language Learning App
Sofa Science.


I can record, edit, mix, and master all audio from my professionally built private recording studio featuring a custom isolation/vocal booth. Any post production can be handled here directly.