Jim Mac

Jim Mac

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"Smooth, warm, trustworthy, easy to direct, great at cold reading"

I've been providing voiceover for more than two decades for a wide array of clients. I'm often a go-to guy for corporate narration, medical explainers, and 'non-announcer' style commercials. I've also been doing my own audio engineering for 30 years, so my level of expertise and quality are always set at 'high'. I record in my home custom built VO booth with a Sennheiser 416 microphone. I deliver clean, distortion free, high quality sounding tracks. I can deliver raw unedited tracks if you prefer to edit with your favorite audio team, or I can provide edited, trimmed, properly 'plugin-ed' tracks. Phone patch, Skype, Zoom. Source Connect is also available.


I started in radio at age 16. I was trained on-air from a young age with many mentors who guided me and provided awesome training. I transitioned into audio engineering after college, and then came back to VO. Listening to others is great training. Listen, listen, listen. Practice, practice, practice!


For 20 years I provided VO for Anheuser-Busch; training videos and a number of commercials.
I was the voice of Sears Portrait Studio (back in the day!)
I was the voice of a regional grocery chain for TV and Radio for a time.
I've been the voice of a large car dealership (TV and Radio commercials) in Dallas for a number of years.
I've been the voice for training videos for a large manufacturer of brass fittings for the past 8 years. (search "braze free fittings")
I'm the on-hold voice for a number of companies, including a pretty sweet foreign car parts importer.


30+ years recording and editing sound and audio. My VO editing chops are (literally) award winning.