Jay Friesen

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"Like a good martini. Dry, bit of an edge, makes you feel good."
Jay Friesen

White guy, 25-50, General American accent, additional accents include urban, southern, Belter creole. Characters available.


Coached by Marc Graue and Pat Fraley. I've been a professional talent for over 20 years. Early on, I spent 10 years as on-air, imaging and commercial talent for global network radio and local Chicago and Denver market radio. I spent another 10 years producing and providing talent for non-profit and commercial video, including 5 years in front of the camera dialoguing off a teleprompter for a weekly content brand.


The Moody Broadcasting Network
ESPN Radio (Crawford Broadcasting)
Dish Network
Dead Reckoning Digital Entertainment
Lots of other projects small and large that you've probably never heard of.


I can sing and provide full audio post-production services and have a network of professionals to contract with for increased workload or further expediting the process.