Jaimie Jorgensen

Jaimie Jorgensen

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"Put your money where my mouth is. New voice. Most Wanted Voice."

For several years I was an announcer at various radio stations. Also, I was the P.A. Announcer for the Quad City River Bandits for nearly four years. I can sound like anyone, everyone, or no one. Well, maybe not quite anyone, although I do have a pretty good knack for impersonation.

I have a unique, low voice. I've always been told that I "have a voice for radio", but I have spent years learning to sound REAL and conversational!
I am from the Midwest, but have no discernible accent. Great all-around healthy sounding male. NEW VOICE- I have only been recorded/broadcast in very small market area near Davenport, Ia. Can sound as if I'm from anywhere, and I'm still 'new' enough that I am willing to learn how YOU want me to sound!


I had three years of hands on theater/acting experience in high school, two years in college, as well as some local theater. Then a few years of college speech classes. As well as several years in the radio industry.
Geneseo High School 1985-1989
Blackhawk College 1990
American Institute of Commerce 1991-1992


I have had nearly six years of communications classes primarily speech and public speaking courses at both high school and college levels. Several years acting in high school and local theater as well. I had some time in radio as a deejay, and nearly three years in charge of commercials for WOC, WKBF, and KUUL FM at the Quad City Radio Group in Davenport, Ia.
Also, I've operated as a private deejay for over 20 years.


I can also sing. Trained/educated heavily from age 13 to 21. Good for chorale background type, or lead. From bass to tenor. Good timber, resonance, and tone.