Jackie Florian

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"Bright, bubbly, cheerful, exciteable, sincere, perky voice over!"

Jackie Florian got her first taste of vocal performance by practicing improv in middle school. She continued studying entertainment and, in 2009, prior to graduating high school, she started in broadcasting when she co-founded online radio station 91.8 The Fan. Since then, her life has been a barrage of conversation with guests ranging from Hollywood talent to Japanese icons. But Jackie’s involvement with radio didn’t limit her to the airwaves; it began a career of not only on-camera interviews, but leading panels, workshops, and seminars. Jackie has now turned her attention to her voice acting career.


Crispin Freeman, Jack de Golia, Abby Elvidge, Randye Kaye, Dan Friedman, Graeme Spicer, Kristen Price, Marjorie Kouns, Noelle Romano, Kyle Hebert, Melissa Moats, Lani Minella


I've had the honor of working with larger companies such as JCPenny, Taco Bell, and Starbucks. In addition, I've recently been able to work with many international companies in both video games and e-learning. More information as well as reels can be found on my website: http://www.jackieflorian.com


I've worked in radio for over seven years conducting interviews and hosting live programming. As such, I've often been called to speak publicly at local schools or host larger events as a master of ceremonies.