Ingeborg Riedmaier

Ingeborg Riedmaier

Membre depuis 3 années •
"Ingeborg's voice- inviting, seductive, sophisticated, beguiling"

Ingeborg is a successful voice over artist with a variety of experience in radio, television, cinema, corporate video narration, animation and video games, telephony and live events as well as thoroughly enjoying her work as an audiobook narrator.

Her natural accent is South African and her passion for languages and extensive travel through Europe and the United States has given Ingeborg a keen ear for accents, including Neutral English, BBC British, Cockney, Irish, French, German, Russian, American (Mid-Atlantic and Southern) and various South African dialects.

As a talented writer and versatile actress, she also has a special affinity for character work. Her delivery is warm, inviting, seductive, sophisticated and beguiling.


Ingeborg began her training under South Africa's most revered voice actors as part of her BA Drama degree (which she received with Honors) - she went on to train privately with Jannes Eiselen and became the voice for a variety of campaigns in South Africa and across the African continent. On moving to London, Ingeborg participated in numerous workshops through the Actor's Guild and with her next move to New York she continued to train with Edge Studios.


Ingeborg has worked in her native South African market as well as the Uk and having been exposed to all these markets, she has enjoyed a wonderfully varied and exciting career in VoiceOver so far! A selection of her greatest achievements to date are voicing a series of short documentaries for Unicef, being cast as the campaign voice for Bombas socks and having narrated a series of books for international best seller and award winning author Natasha Anders - most recently Ingeborg completed voicing a new installment of a legendary video game and once released (and she is no longer under NDA) she will be able to share the title!


Writing, casting, directing and production of podcasts and audio drama, singing