Francisco Arellano

Francisco Arellano

Membre depuis 4 années •
"My voice has deep resonance with smoothness and power combined."

I am bilingual having mastery in both the English and Spanish languages. I am able to replicate Mexican, Central American and South American accents in Spanish. In English I can perform Midwestern, New Yorker, Authoritative, Compassionate and Guy next door speech. There is a natural "smile" in my voice that matches my warm personality. I am located in the California, Burbank Media Center where there are many recording studios close to me. I am in possession of expert editing skills in my private studio and can have a project returned within a couple of hours. Let's make a creative project that spreads love and joy, far and wide.


I have been a public school teacher for almost 30 years. I developed my narration skills in front of a live audience for 210 days out of each teaching year. My professional training occurred through Such A Voice Academy where I learned vocal techniques and editing skills. I utilize Focusrite 3rd generation equipment and a Scarlett microphone. I have worked with people such as Marabina Jaimes and Gabriella Lopetegui who dubbed "Desperate Housewives" in Spanish.


I have several demos for Masarati, UPS store, Home Depot and others. I have two narrations that I have completed for a Travel company and a documentary on Mexico. I have several recordings with Voices 123 for San Jose Electric Co. and a female athletic documentary. Voice bunny has also accepted my work.


I have bilingual skills in English and Spanish. I obtained a CA. Bilingual Certificate of Language Acquisition and Development. That means that I can teach English to foreign students and I have the capacity to teach in the Spanish language as a fluent expert.
My editing skills were taught by Mr. Ben Marney. I have advanced editing skills and can return a project within hours.
My voice coaches were Bonnie Gilgallon and Nancy Wilson of FM "the WAVE" radio.